During the last 2 years, the healthcare system was challenged with COVID 19 Pandemic globally, many lessons learned and innovation came in the way to ensure providing high-quality services and maintaining patient safety, and the current focus on maintaining Quality and Patient Safety during and post-crisis and emergency, it is important to showcase accreditation/quality systems and impact on resilience and readiness, quality and safety in moving forward as well as the voice of the person including providers, patients, and families.

Discussions should deliberate emergency preparedness and resilience, maintenance of quality and patient safety in emergencies, continuous readiness and moving forward in a new norm as well as how to integrate the person, uphold rights and compassion despite the whirlwind of confusion during the pandemic.

Aim of the 6th Conference:

To deliberate the two-prong impact of the Pandemic on quality and safety as well as the quality and safety on addressing crisis and emergency situations,

To share knowledge and learning from experiences and expertise that are practical and tangible in addressing quality and person safety during the COVID 19 pandemic and moving forward in the new norm,

To ensure provider, family, and patient involvement is tangibly addressed at all levels of the continuum of care,

To promote collaboration in the Eastern Mediterranean region and with international expertise, and

To update on improvement science, experiences, and skills development.

At the end of the conference the participants will be able to:

Advocate for quality and patient safety programs strengthening and implementation along the continuum of healthcare and as it relates to the new norm post the pandemic

Influence organizations and policy to ensure the right integration and adoption of quality systems and patient safety for continuous readiness.

Promote accreditation across the three levels of care (primary, secondary, and tertiary) as a means of creating and maintaining a culture of quality and patient safety at all times

Promote the need for cross-organizational and cross-discipline cooperation including communication and rights-based approaches ensuring the voice of the provider, family, and patient especially in crisis situations.

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