Dr. Amjad Bani Hani

Associate Professor of Cardiac Surgery and Intensive Care, The University of Jordan

Amjad Mohammad Bani Hani is an Associate Professor at the School of Medicine, Department of General Surgery, Jordan University. He is also a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgery and Intensive Care and the Head of Quality Control Office Jordan University Hospital.

He was a Structural Heart Disease Fellowship, Focus TAVI at Heart Center Leipzig June 2019- December 2019

 He was also a Program Director, General Surgery Residency program, and a Director of University of Jordan Resuscitation Center. From 2010- 2012 he was a Minimally Invasive cardiac surgery Fellowship at Heart Center Leipzig, and from 2006- 2010 a Cardiac Surgery Residency Training at Heart Centre Leipzig. From 2007- 2008 he was an Intensive care fellowship training. From 2005- 2006 he was a Cardiac Surgery Fellow at the University of Jordan. And from 2004- 2005 a General Surgery specialist (Attending) at Prince Rashed General Hospital and Princess Basma Hospital in IRBID –Jordan. From 1997- 2003 he was a General Surgery Residency training program at King Abdulla Teaching Hospital, Jordan University of Science and Technology.

He was also aGeneral Practitioner at Jordan University of Science and Technology in 1997.

From 1996- 1997 he was an Internship at AL Basheer Hospital, Amman-Jordan.

12:00 – 13:30

Tuesday 23rd Nov

Quality Improvement Science teaches us how to behave in the new norm

In this session the speakers will discuss the key role that quality improvement plays in ensuring that the appropriate systems are in place to always support health care organizations. Specifically, during the crisis, what has the quality improvement science rendered from experiences and what lessons learned have been generated introducing innovations to improvement, response and management of future crisis.