Dr. Muath Ahmad Arabiyat

Senior consultant ophthalmology

Dr. Muath Ahmad Arabiyat

MBBS (Hon.) Med.Ophtha.FSNES

Senior ophthalmology consultant

Vitreoretinal surgeon

President of Jordanian ophthalmological society

Member of the Jordanian Medical Association council

Rapporteur of the Committee of Heads of Medical Societies

Member of the Physicians Syndicate

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Accreditation of Medical Facilities

Member of the Medical Ethics Committee / Higher Health Council

Member of the Council of Accreditation of Occupational Training Hours / Jordan Medical Council

Chairman of the Doctors Excellence Committee, the Physicians Syndicate

Member of the Committee for the Treatment of Patients Abroad, the Ministry of Health and other committees

He worked in major public and private hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

He is currently working in the private sector.