Maysa Al-Khateeb

Senior Population and Family Health expert/ Projects Management specialist USAID population and Family Health office-Jordan

Maysa Al-Khateeb has strengthened public health systems in Jordan for 19 years through a broad range of leadership positions:

~Leading projects at USAID on Human Resources for Health, Health Finance and Governance, Local Health System Sustainability, Continuing Professional Development for Local Health System Workers, Emerging Pandemic Threat Program, as well as the Multi-Donors Account and other direct governmental support agreements.

~During the COVID-19 crisis, coordinated the donor community response, aligning with the national preparedness and response plan pillars; developed and deployed a donor tracking system for this purpose; helped establish a technical working group structure, bringing USAID’s technical leadership to the forefront of the COVID-19 response. As a member of the working group on coordination, effectively harmonized all of the donor working group efforts at the highest strategic level.

~Led the process of Vaccine Procurement Modernization in Jordan and procured endorsement of the first national vaccine procurement modernization plan by multiple diverse stakeholders. This process helped Jordan to maintain a high quality national vaccination program and at the same time allowed the government to introduce new vaccines as a result of the cost efficiencies created.

~Led the development of several national strategies in Jordan, such as the first National Human Resources for Health Strategy and the National Health Strategy.

~Coordinating agencies reproductive health efforts, linking them to the Jordan response plan, and tracking their work progress. Also managed the cross-border programming during the Syrian crisis, as a UNFPA Reproductive Health Program Officer and the chair of the Reproductive Health Working Group in Jordan..

~Managing, implementing, advocating, planning, consulting, training, and elevating and representing stakeholders in policy-making and regional planning in a variety of UN agencies, donor coalitions, Jordanian governmental departments, and the NGO sector.

16:45 – 17:00

Tuesday SESSION 7

Innovative Support for Jordan During Pandemics Preparedness and Response by USAID