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The Conference will attract healthcare leaders (outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers, government and policymakers, hospital and PHC Directors) from all sectors, healthcare improvement experts, policymakers, Quality Improvement Coordinators, Infection Prevention and Control physicians and nurses, hospital department heads, patient safety experts, patients and their families, patient rights advocates and representatives, the academic community from medicine, nursing, pharmacists and allied health professions and students from Jordan and the region.

The conference will share knowledge and learning from experiences and expertise that are practical and tangible in addressing quality and person safety during the COVID 19 pandemic and moving forward in the new norm, and to ensure provider, family, and patient involvement is tangibly addressed at all levels of the continuum of care. The conference will also promote collaboration in the Eastern Mediterranean region and with international expertise, and update on improvement science, experiences, and skills development.

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Given the virtual nature of this event as well as the digitally based outreach program with it, your company will benefit over no less than 6 months of viewership before and after the conference out of which you can:

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We view our Sponsors as our partners in the successful execution of the conference and will work together to provide opportunities to promote your organization throughout the conference.

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