The target audience will be healthcare leaders (outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers, government and policymakers, hospital and PHC Directors) from all sectors, healthcare improvement experts, policymakers, Quality Improvement Coordinators, Infection Prevention and Control physicians and nurses, hospital department heads, patient safety experts, patients and their families, patient rights advocates and representatives, the academic community from medicine, nursing, pharmacists and allied health professions and students from Jordan and the region.

The target is 500 participants; 55% Jordanian (10% students); 35% regional; 10% international.

What They will gain:

Advocate for quality and patient safety programs strengthening and implementation along the continuum of healthcare and as it relates to the new norm post the pandemic

Influence organizations and policy to ensure the right integration and adoption of quality systems and patient safety for continuous readiness.

Promote accreditation across the three levels of care (primary, secondary, and tertiary) as a means of creating and maintaining a culture of quality and patient safety at all times

Promote the need for cross-organizational and cross-discipline cooperation including communication and rights-based approaches ensuring the voice of the provider, family, and patient especially in crisis situations.

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