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Why Should You Attend

The pandemic and the world of quality and patient safety have intertwined with advancement in artificial intelligence, digital health yet with even a stronger need for the basics to be instilled and monitored. Universal health coverage remains on the agenda of most countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region, along with strengthening primary healthcare (settings, systems, regulation and providers) as well as empowering the workforce (mentally and academically). More specifically, Jordan has launched its economic modernization vision in 2022 with particular areas of growth and improvement in healthcare focused on quality, healthcare outcomes, equity, primary healthcare and coverage. Therefore, the conference will attempt to discuss these topics from both a Jordan based lens and a wider angle regionally.

Conference Purpose

  • To highlight best practices and innovations for healthcare quality improvement and patient safety especially in the digital world.

  • To educate and inspire the healthcare community to engage in quality activities that improve patient safety and quality across the healthcare continuum.

  • To bring together experiences and expertise that provide practical and tangible programs and systems for improving quality and patient safety,

  • To address the ever-growing complicated relationship between quality, patient safety, digital health, artificial intelligence, universal health coverage and quality,

  • To promote collaboration in the Eastern Mediterranean region within the agenda of Universal Health Coverage.


At the end of the conference the participants will be able to: